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November 15th
4:01 PM

Terezi’s Walking Cane Tutorial

So this is my first ever tutorial for my second ever cosplay, Terezi Pyrope. I apologize beforehand if my method seems downright awkward and/or shitty. After going to NYCC for the first time ever (and being part of the Homestuck photoshoot on Sunday. I Went as Jade Harley in her Dead Shuffle outfit.), I have been motivated to make my second cosplay!

The reference picture is here. 

And so we begin!


List of Supplies:

  • Wooden Dowel Bought from AcMoore for 1.49, measurements said 7/6x36in)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge or Acrylic Sealer (Your call, this is depending on what you find easier to use)
  • Crazy Glue
  • White Acrylic Paint (I used Americana Snow White)
  • A Sharpie
  • Paintbrushes
  • Red Electrical Tape
  • Black Electrical Tape
  • Sandpaper (Not seriously required)
  • Paper Towels
  • Newspaper/Foil/Freezerpaper, etc (For a workspace)
  • Extra: You know those plastic tube thingies that beads come in when you buy them from the bead section at AcMoore. If you have an empty one or one you could spare, have it on hand. This would be part of an extra step.
  • Time

So first gather all your supplies. Most of what I’m using can be bought from Acmoore or any local craft store. Electrical tape can be bought at Homedepot, Target, Walmart, etc. Or you can raid your garage if you’ve got a toolsperson in the house.

A note about the dowel though. Thickness is a variable decision depending on what you would like. My suggestion is getting something close to my measurement since it’d be easier to carry around. But the height is a very subjective matter. I’m only 5” tall, so the 36in lenghth seemed to be good for my height. If you are taller than me (which would be likely…), get a longer dowel.

1. Lay out your workspace. Apparently my house had no old newspapers whatsoever so my workspace is a combo of cardboard, foil, and freezerpaper (which might be a good idea anyway because the plastic side of it wouldn’t get stuck to the paint when it dries).

2. Rip the label off the dowel, we don’t need that thing awakening any unknown OCD in you, plus it might show through the paint.

3. Take a paint brush and begin painting the dowel. Since white might let the base color of the dowel show, please paint several layers. My suggestion would be 2-3, depending how much patience you have. Wash your brush during drying time, since paint can kill it. Drying time between coats is about 15 min. Since you’ll be holding the dowel to paint it, you won’t be able to paint about 1 1/2 inches of each end. Don’t worry about it, these’ll be covered in electrical tape.


4. Next is to lay out the location of the electrical tape (the reason I used this was because I ran out of money for more paint, and these are my tapes from marching band and colorguard). See that reference pic I posted above, use that to judge where each color will be. Basically mentally divide the dowel into five sections (or be mathematical about it and try to make them all even. With my 36in dowel, each section was about 7.2 inches each. Damn OCD). Use a sharpie to mark where each end/beginning of the red and black tapes will be. Actually, do it in pencil first if you like, then go over it in sharpie. Make sure you are pleased with the locations, because after the next step you can’t really alter it because the marking would show.

5. Cover it in mod podge/acrylic sealer, depending on what you picked. Should you use the mod podge, do 2-3 layers (I used this method). Don’t worry if it looks like you coverd your dowel in opaque glue. It dries clear.

(Though my supply picture has the sealer included, this is because I snatched it from my brother. To those who have experience with this medium and would prefer it, then do as you may. Sand it down if you have sandpaper and would like to at this point.)

If you want to ensure you cane will have a smooth surface, sand it with sandpaper between coatings.

This next picture is my drying process:

5. The part that your hand will be touching shall be black. See how each section is divided by a black mark line? Well this part already includes it. So make sure you marking shows you where to end for this part. How to put the tape:

- Cut a strip of tape equal to the lenght of this section. Hold it parallel to the dowel and stick it to it, taking care not to let any creases end up on the tape when you smooth it out. Now depending on the width of the dowel, the electrical tape may or may not completly go around it. In the case that it doesnt, create another strip equal in length again, stick it onto the section, making sure to connect the lengths ends to end. This creates a slightly seamed appearance (should someone oogle your cane directly).

6. Now notice how the cane in the reference pic has black lines dividing each section. Use black electrical tape again to create these. Do all of them (meaning four. Make the fourth at the very end of the dowel, even though there’s a red tip. This might be fixed in the extra step). Should you want the last two marking to be over the red tape (which I decided to do), you would put those on in the next step, do not put these two onto the dowel yet. This is to your preference. Don’t worry about tape layering over for this step, a single strip placed to wrap around it, alongside with cutting off excess ensures a clean look.

7. Now between the last and second to last black marking (the end you point to the ground), use red electrical to cover this area. (Should you have chosen not to put the last two black markings, cover the total length of that area, and then put the black tape over it.)

8. And voila! You have a cane! Remember not to walk around in public or a con or event as if you were truly blind. DO NOT B3 TH3 DOUC3 TH4T TR13S TO R34P ON TH3 R1GHTS OF THE BL1ND. You will get in trouble for this, dead cats will spring to life and claw the faces of the nearest old ladies, castrati singers will come back into fashion, the blind will sniff you out and proceed to beat you sensless with reasoning and rants (no offense, though).

BUT W41T, There’s that extra step!!!

This will only work if your dowel is either my measurement in width, or slightly wider. I repeat ONLY SLIGHTLY.

-That bead tube container thingy. If you have it, remove both of the black rubber ends of it!

-Place the one with a hook on the end you hold, and then smaller one on the end that would touch the ground. Maybe they’re too big for the ends like mine turned out to be? In that case, use black and red wire tape and tape around the ends again, giving it more width! The hook end one won’t have a problem with cover up this new layer of tape, but the red end might. Should this happen, cut the red tape in half lengthwise before putting it on the dowel to ensure it doesn’t show onto the black end.

I DO REALIZE THE END OF THE REFERENCE PIC IS RED. If you seriously want accuracy, then paint the rubber that goes onto the end red, but it might wear off. Leaving it black on mine is a compromise for me.

-When the layer of tape helps keep the rubbers snugly in place, crazy glue them together (put glue on the inside of the rubber, and then slip it onto the dowel).

-If you have any black ribbon, string, etc around the house, put it through the hook end version and tie. Guess what you have now? A wriststrap to make carrying it around easier!!

Thanks for reading my tutorial, hope this helps you all in some way!

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